Is creating authentic content a dying art?

Am I wrong to feel that authentic content seems to be taking a back seat these days?

We are exposed to a barrage of “experts” who are finding more and more ways to convince us that, without their product, service or program, there’s no way we will ever be happy. For a low price of $39.99, you can: learn to make your first million dollars in 6 months, increase your followers by 100 000 in 3 days, lose all the weight and get fit in 8 weeks, quit your day job and start your own 6-figure business, be completely cured from your chronic disease with a 3-month diet plan... The list goes on and truly, it’s getting harder and harder to decipher the ones who will actually help versus the ones who are in it just for the passive income.

Our insecurities and pain points become their prime targets - it’s the easiest and most widely-used strategy in the book. Yet, funnily enough, these content creators also fall victim to these exact strategies.

Quick example: In order for them to sell and be seen as experts, well, they need to have a high number of followers, right? It’s all about the optics, I get it. So what do they do? They decide they need to inflate their influence in ways that are unethical, buy themselves their own audience instead of believing that they could actually earn it on their own, and guess what, other third-party companies are more than happy to take their money for it! It’s a vicious circle.

In the end, it makes me sad to think that authentic content is no longer necessary and is sometimes created simply to make a quick buck or two under the guise that it will change our lives in no time. I’m not by any means saying they are all like that, but hey, there are hundreds of paid courses that teach you how to give paid courses. Just saying.

I’ve been roped into a few of these as well. I’m no different. I am trying to work on myself now with professionals, face to face, and I’ve received more help than any program ever has because the advice is directed to me, not to an audience.

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